Hot 106.5 Jacksonville Announces Move To 99.5

Hot 106.5 WHJX Jacksonville 99.5 W258CN Easy Soft AC Cox MediaCox Media Urban AC “Hot 106.5” WHJX Ponte Vedra Beach/Jacksonville, FL is moving to 99.5 W258CN Jacksonville.

The 210 watt at 276 meter translator CP was purchased by Cox last December for $350,000 (Coverage Map). Since the launch of WHJX in May 2013, the station has forced a shift of iHeartMedia’s incumbent Urban AC “V101.5” WSOL-FM to Classic Hip-Hop.

A new format for 106.5 WHJX will launch on Thursday, October 8.

The original report available only to our Premium Members includes what’s next for 106.5 WHJX.

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  1. Destructor says

    That’s probably just speculation though on the premium report.
    many stations throw out smoke screens.

    1. Lance Venta says

      I believe our record in accurately reporting changes stands for itself. As you’re not a subscriber, you don’t even know the facts listed in said article.

  2. nvradiouser says

    Every time that Lance had reported a possible change, it did come to pass.

  3. JAWilson says

    Can’t see what Lance has reported as a smoke screen although he may want to check on the later part of this change and to see if Cox moved that one domain back off their servers.

    9 times out of 10 Lance is right on about coming changes.

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