Bob Kevoian Announces Retirement From Bob & Tom Show

Bob & Tom Kevoian Griswold Kristi Lee Q95 WFBQ IndianapolisWhile accepting their induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame, Bob & Tom Show co-host Bon Kevoian announced he will retire from the show at the end of December.

Kevoian and Tom Griswold have been together since being paired up at WJML Petoskey MI in 1982. A year later they moved to “Q95” 94.7 WFBQ Indianapolis. The duo have since spent 33 years at the now iHeartMedia owned station and entered national syndication in 1995.

The show released the following statement:

Tonight at Bob and Tom’s induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame, Bob Kevoian announced that he will retire at the end of this year.

“When I was a teenager, I was a real smart ass,” Bob Kevoian said in his remarks to the National Radio Hall of Fame. “I didn’t get along with my Dad. And he said “if you continue this behavior, you’ll amount to nothing. But you will make it to the big mouth hall of fame.” I made it, Dad. I always thought you had to die or be retired for five years to be considered for any hall of fame. Thank god I’m not dead, but I am going to retire at the end of this year and walk away from the mic. Thank you for this great honor.”

“It was a huge thrill to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame with my partner Bob,” said Tom Griswold. “He will always be a part of the BOB & TOM Show, and his presence will continue to be felt as we broadcast the show for many years to come”.

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  1. WeNeverKnew says

    Shocker? Not really. To everything there is a season…

    And what a season. Almost thirty-three years since Bob & Tom joined “Kick-Ass Rock and Roll Q95.” First that slogan — then B&T — drew the decency wrath of a local attorney. Whatever happened to lawyer John Price? Q95 couldn’t have bought better promotion for their new morning show.

    For that matter, whatever happened to Carey and Coop, the Q morning show B&T replaced. Steve Cooper moved on to a 20 year run at the old 107.9 WTPI. Carey Carlson? Detroit. And is that her, now in Traverse City? Just south of where Bob & Tom first met in Petoskey, Michigan?

    My point? Count the number of morning shows and format changes in the Indianapolis market over the past 33 years. In the spring of ’83, 10 Seven Oh WIBC and Gary Todd was the top morning show. Followed by Country 1430 WIRE, the new “Apple” WZPL, WXTZ, WTLC and WENS. By 1984, B&T were number 5. 1985 and 1986, number 2. And in the spring of 1987, number one. WIBC’s legendary Gary Todd was gone less than a year later.

    Bob & Tom were an honest to goodness full-blown radio juggernaut. They were impossible to compete against. Even if you didn’t like their humor, you couldn’t not listen. No one wanted to dominate the market more. They integrated themselves into the fabric of a city — Nap Town — that was just awakening to become the Indianapolis we know today. As a city and as a radio market, Indianapolis wouldn’t be quite what it is today were it not for Bob & Tom bringing us together every morning. It was a given that within 5 minutes of your arriving at work, someone in the office would say “did you Bob & Tom this morning?”

    Ken Wolt and Gary Hoffman had launched WZPL at about the same time Bob & Tom rolled out on WFBQ. Frankly, most of the “bull pen” talk around Indy radio in those days was about the “Apple.” Finally, one day I remember someone asking if anyone had heard the new morning show on Q? None of us had. But oh, once we did…

    I feel safe in saying that no other morning show will match Bob & Tom’s longevity in the Indianapolis market. “Uncle” Wally Nehrling hosted a 29 year stretch (1938-1967) at WIRE. Gary Todd? Only 20 years at WIBC. Joe Pickett? Even less than that at WFBM. Of the guys still working today? Maybe Jim Denny will come close at WFMS. Dave Smiley needs another two decades at WZPL to match Bob Kevoian.

    When Bob & Tom started at WFBQ, the rumor around town was that Q was paying them a combined $36 grand a year. What a bargain that early salary bought Q95.

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