Santa comes early to 105.5 KJZN Fresno

105.5 KJZN Fresno Smooth Jazz Wilks Broadcasting

Update 5/1/09: KJZN did flip to Talk as “105.5 The Truth” on Friday, May 1. The all-syndicated lineup features Mancow, Laura Ingraham, Jerry Doyle, Michael Savage, Rusty Humphries, Curtis Sliwa, and Phil Hendrie. However, Wilks did not get all its plans in place quick enough as primary competitor Peak Broadcasting registered and and have them pointing to the site of 580/105.9 KMJ.

Wilks Broadcasting Smooth Jazz 105.5 KJZN Fresno has begun stunting with Christmas Music in preparation of a format change on Friday, May 1. The stunting is interspersed with promos promising “The Truth coming on Friday”. Will KJZN be competing with the new 105.9 KMJ-FM for the talk audience?

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