Ingstad Family Sale To Lead To Fargo Move-Out

92.7 The Drive KZDR Kindred Fargo Breckenridge Brooke Robert IngstadA deal involving three members of the Ingstad family will lead to Classic Hits “92.7 The Drive” KZDR Kindred/Fargo ND from moving out of the market.

Robert Ingstad’s Mediaactive LLC is selling KZDR to his niece Brooke Ingstad’s Radio Wahpeton Breckenridge for $275,000. Brooke Ingstad is in the process of acquiring Full Service Country 1450 KBMW Breckenridge MN from her father James Ingstad’s Radio FM Media for $300,000 and 100.7 K264AY Chamberlain SD for $35,000.

KZDR has applied to relocate out of the Fargo market to Breckenridge MN as well. The station seeks to downgrade from a Class C3 to Class A in the process with 6kW at 46 meters. To make that move possible, Radio FM Media’s “107.9 The Fox” KPFX Fargo applies to change city-of-license to Kindred to retain the illusion of first aural service to that town.

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  1. azradio says

    Pretty rare to see a station voluntarily downgrade from serving 220,000 people down to 22,000. Is there a reason I don’t see to why she is spending $610,000 on three licenses to serve such a tiny market?

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