93.1 Sacramento: Something Classic

Classic 93.1 KHJQ KCLX Sacramento

Update 6/4/09: After a few days of signal testing and stunting as Talk, Soft AC, and Modern Rock, 93.1 debuted its official format as “Classic 93.1“. Using one of the Clear Channel “Premium Choice” formats, the music and jocks are identical to those at WOLZ Fort Myers and KQLL Tulsa.

Update 6/1/09: The first step towards the launch of the new 93.1 in Sacramento will take place today as KOSO Patterson/Modesto shifts from 93.1 to 92.9. This will pave the way for the sign-on of the new signal in the Sacramento market.

Additionally the above image has replaced the one below on the Clear Channel server. We think both are decoys and the new station will either be Rhythmic AC utilizing the 931FeelIt.com domain or a last minute audible will be called and the station will go Modern Rock taking the lost KWOD audience.

Hot 93.1 931 Sacramento KOSO B92.9 B93.1 B93 Modesto Stockton

Original Post 5/21/09: While KWOD has Sacramento buzzing, Clear Channel is preparing to launch a new signal in the market. When 93.1 KHJQ Pollack Pines completes its move to the Sacramento market, it appears as though “Classic 93.1” will be the new name.

Clear Channel has registered a number of new domains the past few days: 931feelit.com, 931hot.com, groove931.com, soft931.com, and talk931.com. Right now only the aforementioned Classic931.com is active and the logo above is on the Clear Channel server as KCLX-FM.

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