106.7 Columbus Launch Imminent

Radio 106.7 WMRN-FM Dublin Columbus

Update 12/13: As we expected last month, adult leaning Modern Rocker “Radio 106.7” debuted at 12pm with Elvis Costello’s “Radio Radio”.

Update 12/6: Add one more domain to the list: sportstalk1067.com. We’ve also heard that the official format will launch Thursday, December 13 at 12pm.

Update 11/21: All of the domains that were pointing to the staging site now have an “Under Construction” image appearing with one little caveat. The two spanish domains have the image stating “En Construccion”. All the domains are still pointing to the same server and either image can be accessed on any of the active domains.

Original Post 11/12: Columbus, OH should see a new city-grade FM launch this week as 106.9 WMRN-FM Marion moves to 106.7 in Dublin, OH. WMRN’s country format has already moved to sister 94.3 WDIF.

What format will 106.7 have? Clear Channel has registered a number of domains this week for the new station.

  • 1067jamscolumbus.com
  • 1067jamzcolumbus.com
  • 1067thebuzz.com
  • blink1067.com
  • fresh1067columbus.com
  • movin1067columbus.com
  • my1067columbus.com
  • radio1067.com
  • rumba1067.com
  • snap1067.com
  • viva1067.com
  • A few of the domains we can eliminate from contention right away. 1067thebuzz.com and blink1067.com are the only ones that are not pointing to Clear Channel’s staging site for the new station: http://cmh1-ip.clearchannel.com/. Fresh, Movin, and Snap can be eliminated they seem to be there as a play on Saga Communications registering those names for the frequencies of all of its AC competitors in the market. But most importantly, many of the links on the staging site redirect automatically to radio1067.com. That would seem to indicate the Adult targetted Alternative format that Clear Channel has recently launched in Cincinnati (more Modern AC oriented), Philadelphia, Hartford, and Los Angeles among others.

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    1. Cris43130 says

      This will be Clear Channel’s second attempt to knock off a strong independent Modern Rock FM. I don’t think they realize that being independent is an automatic plus to the Modern/Indie Rock crowd. They will probably be mincemeat again.

    2. guitarist2180 says

      This station is AMAZING! I listen to it every day. they are always playing good songs all day from morning to night. When i am on my way to school at 6 in the morning they are playing music. when i am out in the evening they are playing music. I say keep on doing what you are doing. the music rocks! if you have not listened to them tune in sometime!

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