Talk Wars In Knoxville

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Update 7/12: Citadel has appeared to concede the WNOX calls and branding to Oak Ridge FM. With the beginning of the temporary simulcast between 98.7 WOKI and 100.3 WNOX, the station has removed all mentions of WNOX from the station’s branding of “News Talk 98.7“. Citadel has registered,, and for the new location.

With Neal Boortz and Michael Savage remaining with 100.3, 98.7 has added Glenn Beck for 10am to 12pm and Mark Levin for 9pm to 12am.

Original Reports 7/7: A frequency shift brought upon by Citadel’s bankruptcy will lead to an FM News/Talk battle in Knoxville, TN. When Citadel’s LMA with Oak Ridge FM for 100.3 WNOX ends on July 31, Citadel will move the current 100.3 programing to “True Oldies 98.7” WOKI. The two stations will simulcast beginning on Friday, July 9.

Oak Ridge FM will take back control of 100.3 with a competing News/Talk format. 100.3 General Manager Ed Brantley, a longtime personality on market powerhouse 107.7 WIVK will also anchor a local morning show. The remainder of the lineup at launch will include syndicated Neal Boortz from 10am to 12pm and 9pm to 10pm, Michael Savage from 12pm to 3pm and repeated from 6pm to 9pm, Alan Colmes from 10pm to 1am, and Coast To Coast With George Noory from 1am to 6am. A yet to be named Sports Talk host will air from 3pm to 6pm. Boortz and Noory are currrent parts of the “News Talk 100” lineup.

Both stations are laying claim to the WNOX call letters. When Citadel moved the Talk programming from 99.1 to 100.3 in 2005, they shifted the WNOX calls with it. 100.3 previously claimed the WOKI calls now on 98.7. WBIR-TV quotes Oak Ridge FM owner Greg Pirkle as stating “We have the call sign and we will continue using it until the FCC tells us otherwise”, while Citadel Director of Operations Mike Hammond says, “Our people are telling us to keep using the WNOX call letters”.

Oak Ridge seems to be hedging its bets as it has registered a number of domains featuring both the WNOX and WOKI call letters including:,,,,,,, and

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  1. David Wells says

    The “Talk“ of the town has been the battle raging come Monday over Citadel“™s move to 98.7FM and the new competing talk format on 100.3FM. Well there“™s more to that story. In fact there are significant ripple effects taking place that open up new opportunities for programs never heard in Knoxville. Talk Radio 760AM for instance has taken a very unique position in the transition with its lineup. New to Knoxville is two of the hottest talk shows that just happen to originate out of Nashville“¦. Dr. Asa Andrew and Phil Valentine. Dr. Asa has created a radio show that is focused on helping people with any health issue they may face. His talk show model was influenced greatly by the team at the Dave Ramsey Show. Phil Valentine is a genuine voice for our region on social and topical issues. His show is on top of the charts in Nashville and his presence in Knoxville will be just as impactful.
    This is no small deal for Knoxville. Since both Dr. Asa and Phil Valentine originate their shows in Nashville they have committed to be personally in Knoxville often to be part of this community. This is a unique approach for national talk shows to spend regular personal time right here in our area. And we expect a visit from Dr. Laura this fall as well.
    The full daytime lineup is built to be not only Talk You Can Trust, but one of the most purposeful talk lineups to impact your daily life. Dr. Asa from 9am to Noon, Dr. Laura Schlessinger Noon to 3pm, and Phil Valentine 3pm to 7pm.
    The new Talk of the Town is Talk Radio 760.

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