TSN Takes The Next Steps Towards Its Radio Network

TSN Radio The Team 1040 1410 Vancouver 1050 Toronto 990 Montreal 1200 Ottawa 1290 Winnipeg

The next few steps in the coming Canadian Sports Wars have been taken by CTVglobemedia and TSN.

Mike Richards, who had been morning host at Rogers’ “Fan 960” in Calgary is crossing over to TSN to host mornings on the planned relaunch of 1050 CHUM Toronto as the flagship of TSN Radio.

Domains have been registered to coincide with the rebranding of CTV’s Sports stations under the TSN Radio branding. TSNRadio990.com for “Team 990” CKGM Montreal, TSNRadio1040.com for CKST Vancouver, TSNRadio1050.com for the aforementioned CHUM in Toronto, TSNRadio1200 for “Team 1200” CFGO Ottawa, TSNRadio1290.com for “Sports Radio 1290” CFRW Winnipeg, and TSNRadio1410.com for “Team 1410” CFTE Vancouver. The .ca variants of all those domains were registered by CTVglobemedia’s registrar of choice as well.

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