Mapleton Flips Two In Chico

107.5 Point KQPT Classic Hits 96.7 KZAP Chico Bold Talk Mapleton Power 102 KCEZ 101.7 Kiss KCKS

Just last month Chico, CA went from having zero CHR’s to two as 102.1 KCEZ dropped Oldies and 101.7 KCKS dropped Sports as both flipped to forms of Top 40.

Now there will be three. Mapleton Communications Modern AC “107.5 The Point” is stunting as “Radio Gaga” with nonstop Lady Gaga and will flip Monday to CHR “107.5 Now-FM“. This tweet indicates that Neal West will host nights on the station. KQPT already has been airing the syndicated Elvis Duran in mornings.

Mapleton has also reached out to fill the Oldies void as 96.7 KZAP has dropped its “Bold Talk” programming and is now “Classic Hits 96.7

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  1. Jason Harper says

    do they stream?

    1. Chico Radio Stuff says

      Streaming….surely you jest… appears as though this company (Mapleton) doesnt even have websites that work for any of their stations………holy smokes are they alive ???

  2. Tanim Hussain says

    I love CHR wars but this just irritates me to no end.

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