New Orleans To Get Mega

La Mega 107.5 New Orleans C107.5 KXMG C96.7 C 96.7 KCiL Houma Sunburst Media

Update 7/1: The programming shift is complete. 107.5 KXMG has flipped to Spanish CHR “Mega 107.5“. KCIL’s Country programming remains on 96.7.

Update 5/10: The transition of the Country format in Houma has begun. 96.7 has dropped its Variety Hits “Dan-FM” format and begun simulcasting 107.5’s Country format.

Update 5/5: The move on 107.5 into New Orleans takes another step closer to fruition as Sunburst has shuffled the call letters at its stations. The KCIL calls move off of 107.5 and head over to the 96.7 signal that will soon assume the “C107.5” Country format. As 107.5 prepares to flip to Spanish as “Mega 107.5” it became KXMG on May 2. Thanks to Chip Kelley for the tip.

Original Report 4/27: We’ve been watching the movements made by Sunburst Media in Houma, LA as it prepares to shift 107.5 KCIL into the New Orleans market.

To recap, 106.3 KXOR flipped from Modern Rock to Classic Rock “LA 106.3“. The new format featured a lot of overlap with Variety Hits “96.7 Dan-FM” KMYO, but that will soon be rectified when 96.7 assumues the format of Country “C107.5” KCIL-FM as “C96.7“.

With 107.5’s move into the New Orleans market from its new COL of Jean Lafitte, it appears Sunburst will give the market its first Spanish language FM with’s registration by the company. The New Orleans market is currently 5.3% Hispanic whose audience is currently served by Sunburst’s “La Fabulosa 830” WFNO and Crocodile Broadcasting’s “Tropical 1540” KGLA. Omar Romero, formerly of Clear Channel’s “Mega 95.5” WNUA Chicago is PD of WFNO and the soon to debut format on 107.5.

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  1. Chip says

    Another step closer…FCC database shows KCIL 107.5 has changed calls to KXMG. The KCIL calls are now on the former KMYO 96.7.

  2. Beau Guillot says

    96.7 is simulcasting with 107.5 and playing country music,so it should be a few weeks until the switch occurs.

  3. Beau Guillot says

    Kcil announced this morning that Friday, July 1,2011 will be the transition day for the country format to be positioned at 96.7 fm.

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