Separating Truth and Fiction in Atlanta

Eagle 106.7 WYAY Atlanta True Oldies TrueOldies Talk

Since Citadel’s massive layoffs of personnel in Atlanta and other markets on Friday, the rumor mill has been working overtime over the fate of “Eagle 106.7” WYAY Atlanta. The following domains were registered over the past couple days fueling speculation elsewhere: – This domain was registered on Friday, or so people thought. Network Solutions, the registrar with which this domain was researched, puts a hold on any domain that is looked up using their domain name search so that the person looking it up has to purchase it through them if they want it immediately. If it’s not purchased after a set amount of days it goes back into the available pool. This practice has been frowned upon by the rest of the domain name industry and is supposed to come to an end. – A suburban Atlanta personality registered this domain anonymously in an attempt to get people to talk about him. Good idea, bad execution. and – We have a winner! These domains, registered on March 2, were both registered using the same registrar as a week earlier. Many registrars use Domains By Proxy for private registrations, however they still list which registrar was used for the purchase.

We don’t know an exact date for WYAY to flip to Oldies, or whether Don Imus will come along for the ride, but there is a buzz in the market that the change will happen next week following the WYAY sponsored Nascar event this weekend.

As an aside, if anybody thinks has anything to do with WPLJ, why would it be registered by a data analytics company in Germany?

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