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FM News 106.9 Philadelphia Fox 1069 WKDN Camden Merlin MediaUpdate 4/12: As we draw near to the launch of Merlin Media debuting its programming on 106.9 WKDN, information regarding its future programming is now starting to leak.

We all know by now that Rush Limbaugh will be moving to the station sometime in the next 90 days following the termination of its syndication with CBS’ 1210 WPHT. Rumors persist that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity will be joining Rush on 106.9, and Merlin did make a registration for Hannity1069.com this week.

Merlin has also dropped MAJOR hints on the branding of its new station. Domain registrations have been made for IQ1069.com and IQ1069FM.com. A matching Twitter account is live @IQ1069, but most importantly Merlin made a request for the WWIQ calls on March 19.

Original Report 4/2: Merlin Media closed on its purchase of 106.9 WKDN Camden/Philadelphia in late February and has been leasing the station back to Family Radio while it completes upgrades to the station’s facilities and builds studios for the station’s future operations.

The next step may take place on April 15. A Family Radio listener group states that the Christian programming will come to an end on that date.

What comes next? All signs still point to the station becoming Merlin’s third FM News outlet. The company has been seeking news staffers since January. The company has held FMNewsPhiladelphia.com, FMNewsPhilly.com, and FMNews1069.com along with a protected Twitter account for @FMNewsPhilly.

However, Merlin also registered Fox1069.com on March 9 along with a corresponding account @TheFox1069. Is Fox the interim format while the station builds its News format or something more?

And finally, is former Philadelphia TV personality Larry Mendte involved? Mendte, who wrote one of the few positive commentaries of Merlin’s early days of programming registered a few domains of his own last week including PhiladelphiaFMNews.com and PhillyFMNews.com.

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  1. MattParker says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mendte is involved. He and Randy Michaels go back aways. Michaels hired him at Tribune after KYW fired him. Typical of Larry to post a favorable review without full disclosure of his relationship to the company.

    Currently in New York, Family Radio’s station in Newark gets better ratings than FM News (which isn’t saying much).

  2. oasisrulz says

    I pass the facilities on Mt Ephrim avenue a few times a day. As of today 4-3-12 no work is being done on the site or tower and the old 4 bay is still intact.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Nor should there be. The only pending CP the station has is for an auxiliary facility atop 1 Liberty Place. Once that is built, it is expected the station will apply to make that its primary facility.

  3. sam martin says

    A well-known award-winning Inquirer staffer who is very familiar with the entire Philadelphia region may be the business reporter for 106.9 and do a nightly two-way business program about every business topic from A to Z (No Holds Barred). Lets us wish this new station has more honest advertisers than the gonifs at CBS Philadelphia.

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