The End Of 101.9 The End

Update 12/21: Gen X Music 101.9 returned to its previous format as “101.9 The End” today.

Update 4/21 5:30pm: The flip of “The End” to “Gen X Music 101.9” took place at 3:07 this afternoon. Before the flip there appeared to be some music log issues as a few Hot AC currents and recurrents were played partially with the End imaging still in place.

“The End” format had launched in Salt Lake City in April 1996 before moving to 101.9 in 2005. The new station is a clone of its Citadel sisters in Baton Rouge, Memphis, and Harrisburg. Same logo, imaging, and music log as found on those stations.

Original Report 4/21 9:30am: As AllAccess first reported yesterday, it appears a format change is imminent at Citadel AAA “101.9 The End” KENZ Salt Lake City. It appears KENZ will become this week’s stop on the 90’s heavy “Gen-X Music” train. The domains and were registered by Citadel on Monday. While generic in nature this is due to the fact they are unable to use the “X” moniker due to Simmons’ Modern Rock “X96” KXRK.

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