CHR War To Heat Up San Antonio?

X1067 X106.7 KTKX San Antonio CHR Hot 106.7 Hot1067 CoxCox appears poised to make another CHR addition to their portfolio; this time in San Antonio.

Update 9/7: As usual we now have our list of decoy domains added. In this case Cox went with a few that match formats they already program in the market with,,, and There’s also the trio of,, and Variety Hits is currently filled in the market by Border Media’s “102.7 JackFM” KJXK.

Original Report 9/5: Domain registrations made late last week indicate Classic Rock “X106.7” KTKX will soon shift to CHR “Hot 106.7“.,,, and were all registered anonymously last week, while was transferred from a domain squatter to the same anonymous registrant.

A shift to CHR at 106.7 should help Cox on two fronts. If Hot takes a few shares from Clear Channel’s “Mix 96.1” KXXM and Univision Rhythmic “98.5 The Beat” KBBT, it will help solidify Cox’s Country “Y100” 100.3 KCYY and Classic Hits KONO 101.1 as the #2 and #3 stations in the market. On the other end, dropping the Classic Rock format should help prop up sister Rock 99.5 KISS-FM.

In addition to the aforementioned KXXM and KBBT, “Hot 106.7” would also be in direct competition with Border Media’s 94.1 KTFM unless a station sale brings a new direction to that station.

106.7 has had some history targeting KXXM and KBBT. From 2001 to 2003, it was Dance CHR “106.7 Jamz“, before segueing to Mainstream CHR “Z106.7” and then Urban “Power 106.7” until 2009. After a year as FM Talk, the station flipped to AAA which later evolved into the current Classic Rock format which has run to this day. The 100kW facility of KTKX operates from south of the city proper giving it a weaker signal in the northern portions of the San Antonio market.

  1. johndavis says

    Wasn’t this station rhythmic before it shifted to classic rock to help KISS?

    1. Lance Venta says

      Yes. Was Urban “Power 106.7” from 2006-2009 and before that was CHR as “Z106.7” from 2003 to 2006. Will be adding that into the post.

  2. Kevan says

    This “Hot” name could also mean an Urban / hip-hop format.

  3. Kent says

    Yes, it could mean urban or hip-hop, but judging from Cox’s more recent “Hot” converts, it’s probably CHR/Top-40.

  4. Rick says

    Smoke screen. Chuck! Cox is fliping stations to Chuck (Jack).

    1. Lance Venta says

      Normally I would expect they’d flip to Chuck with 102.7 JackFM already entrenched in the market, however with the Border Media stations to be sold at any moment perhaps this is to prepare for something going on there. was registered anonymously today.

      1. alffan says

        Border Media is not selling their San Antonio cluster any time soon. The stations were taken off the market. Jack is #2 25-54 – so if they were being sold, why would someone change a top 3 radio station.

        1. Lance Venta says

          The Border Media stations are in a divestiture trust. By definition that means they are for sale. The San Antonio cluster is all that remains of the company following the sales in Austin, Laredo, and Rio Grande Valley.

          As far as flipping Jack, while I wouldn’t expect it, new owners come in with their own agendas. If an operator comes in that has a different agenda they will flip the station regardless of how successful it is currently.

  5. insidescoop says

    As usual, people on the “boards” have no idea what they’re talking about. Border Media Trust in San Antonio is not for sale. They sold off all of the other properties, and have invested another 1.5 million this year into upgrades of the market. The SA cluster made 5 million dollars in profit last year, and will do similar this year. The “Trust” or Investment Bank is not selling San Antonio for maybe 5 years, depending on the continued return of revenue and profit. Its JACK FM is one the most successful in the country; just yesterday was # 2 Adults 18-54! It’s sad that most of the thoughts of what’s happening in the radio markets on these boards are from people that are either out of work and bitter, or those that have not even worked in PPM markets and have no idea what they are talking about.

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