Summit Makes Adjustments In Richmond

Classic Rock 96.5 WKLR Richmond 103.7 The River WURV Listen PlaySummit Media has shifted “Rock 96.5” WKLR Richmond back to Classic Rock “Classic Rock 96.5“.

The station shifted to the “Rock 96.5” brand when it added a larger amount of 90’s Rock to its playlist. Since then the station was spun-off by Cox to Summit and Clear Channel launched a direct Classic Rock competitor on an adjacent translator using WKLR’s old “Planet” branding.

The rebranding comes as the station reverts back to a 70s/80s based playlist with just a handful of 90’s titles remaining in the playlist.

Meanwhile, could a rebranding be on the way to sister Adult Alternative “103.7 The River” WURV?,,, and have been registered over the past week.

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