True Oldies Channel Signs-Off

Scott Shannon True Oldies Channel Good Time Jim Zippo Cumulus Media Networks Westwood OneUpdate 6/30: The True Oldies Channel has completed its run in syndication.

As most of the affiliates have transitioned to the new Good Time Oldies network distributed by Westwood One, Scott Shannon is keeping True Oldies Channel operating as a webcaster. Shannon also teases a potential return to AM/FM down the road.

Original Report 3/27: One day after revealing a new “Good Time Oldies” network to debut on April 28, Cumulus Media Networks has revealed they will stop distributing Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel at the end of June.

The new Westwood One Good Time Oldies promo sheet states the format will target Men 45-64 with a music mix featuring 60% 1960s, 25% 1970s, and 15% 1950s and 1980s described as “the golden era of pop, rock, and soul: hit music of the ’60s and ’70s with a healthy portion of “oh-wow” songs from other decades. The music is up tempo and the presentation is full of energy, including features about rock and roll history and the timeless artists of the era.” To contrast, Westwood One’s Classic Hits network is 60% 1970s, 25% 1980s, and 15% 1960s.

Shannon’s True Oldies Channel currently airs on over 100 stations nationwide including Cumulus’ “Oldies 98.9” Atlanta. The network’s future had been up in the air since Shannon departed Cumulus’ 95.5 WPLJ New York for WCBS-FM. Shannon intends to seek a new distributor to keep the network running.

Interestingly, Cumulus registered for its 104.1 KRBE-HD2 on March 14. Likely the local station management had no idea of the plans coming from the network side of the company.

  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    Could CBS itself distribute the format?

  2. Ed Armstrong says

    Doesn’t Cumulus distribute CBS Sports Radio network?

    1. Nathan Obral says

      Cumulus controls the distribution rights to all aspects of CBS Radio programming – CBS Sports Radio is through their Cumulus Media Networks department, while CBS Radio News and talk programming are handled through WestwoodOne.

      So… Shannon may have to hook up with Premiere Radio Networks or some other syndicator – a la Envision – in order to keep TOC alive.

  3. Steven says

    KRBE 104.1 HD-2 is playing the new “Good Time Oldies” format.

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