Pulse Headed For Las Vegas

Pulse 96.7 Jelli Las Vegas EDM Dance KYLI BunkervilleThe operators of webcaster “Pulse 87 New York” will soon be bringing the Pulse brand to FM in Las Vegas.

LKCM Broadcasting’s LMA with Jelli to operate Dance “96.7 Jelli Vegas” KYLI Bunkerville will come to an end on June 30 after three years. Jelli originally utilized KYLI (and briefly then-sister 94.5 KXLI) to spotlight their crowdsourced programming model where listeners vote up and choose what music should be played next. Jelli has since pivoted its focus towards its radio advertising platform.

Michael Austin, owner of Las Vegas based Rock N Roll Foods has registered numerous domains for the new brand over the past few weeks: Pulse967Vegas.com, 967ThePulse.com, 967ThePulseLV.com, and 967ThePulseVegas.com. Pulse87NY.com is owned and operated by Joel Salkowitz, who purchased the assets to the brand following the bankruptcy of Mega Media Group led to the demise of the station on 87.7 WNYZ-LP. Salkowitz previously programmed WNYZ as well as the original iteration of “Hot 97” WQHT New York when it was a Dance CHR in the late 80s/early 90s, and short-lived Jammin Oldies “Jammin 105” WTJM. He also served as VP/Music Programming for Sirius from 2002-2004.

A stream for the new “Pulse 96.7” branded as “EDM for Las Vegas” is live on Pulse87NY.com.

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