KZTI Flips To Z-Rock

105.3 Martini Radio KZTI Reno ZRock Z-Rock Beatles Ringo Bubba Love SpongeUpdate 9/14:At 1:05pm today, KZTI dropped its all-Beatles stunt and debuted its new identity as “105.3 Z-Rock“.

The new format is trying to duplicate the feel of the syndicated Hard Rock network of the late 80’s/early 90’s with Rock “from AC/DC to ZZ Top.” and launching on the 25th anniversary month of the network’s original debut in Reno. The first three songs were AC/DC “For Those About To Rock”, AC/DC “Let There Be Rock”, and Motley Crue “Kickstart My Heart”.

25 Years following the original on air debut of Z Rock in Reno, Shamrock Communications has resurrected the station as of today. After stunting as all Beatles Ringo FM all weekend, Shamrock flips Adult Standards 105.3 KZTI Martini Radio to Z Rock.

105.3 Z Rock will play renowned rock acts, “from AC/DC to ZZ Top,” with core artists like Metallica, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne and More.

“We saw an opportunity to fill a programming hole in our market,” said Program Director Willobee Carlan. “Reno wants a true rock station and Z Rock will be a ‘flamethrower of rock’.” Carlan’s 25 years of industry experience includes radio, venue management, and band management working with bands like Korn, General Public, Material Issue, Tuck & Patti and more.

Original Report 9/11: Shamrock Communications Standards “105.3 Martini Radio” KZTI Fallon Station/Reno, NV is no more.

KZTI is now stunting with only the Beatles as “105.3 Ringo-FM” as it prepares to debut a new format. We had reported last week that Shamrock had registered for the station and Director of Operations/Program Director Willobee Carlan added on Wednesday. It is the latter branding we’d expect to see utilized by the station as there is a parked Facebook page in place.

KZTI registered a 1.3 share in the Spring 2015 Nielsen Audio Ratings. With Reno Media Group’s Active Rock “92.5 The Crusher” K223AL/KLCA-HD3 flipping to Oldies earlier this week, there could be a slot for a new Rocker to position itself between Lotus Communications Active Rock 104.5 KDOT and Classic Rock 105.7 KOZZ, while also flanking Shamrock sister Alternative 104.1 KRZQ.

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