Translator Report 1/17: WFLA To Get FM Signal

Radio FM HD HD2 Translator Report

Another Clear Channel AM News/Talk is making the move to FM via translator. Radio Training Network’s 95.3 W237DI West Tampa, FL has applied to move to 105.9 with a power boost from 115 to 250 watts at 456 feet. The application also shifts the originating programming station to Clear Channel’s 970 WFLA.

The EMF/Clear Channel duo are working on an additional move-in in Cincinnati. 96.9 W245AJ Forest Park, OH has applied to move to downtown Cincinnati where it will rebroadcast Clear Channel’s WKFS-HD2. We’ve noticed a trend where translators to be programmed by EMF have their applications prepared by EMF’s engineers and translators prepared by Clear Channel end up being programmed by Clear Channel despite who owns the translator. This application was prepared by EMF, so we’re expecting K-Love or Air-1 to appear on 96.9 and 106.7 when that upgrade is completed. 96.9 will operate with 250 watts at 669 feet giving the translator coverage of much of the Cincinnati metro.

EMF will also gain a signal in Louisville fed by an HD subchannel of Clear Channel’s WLGX. 95.1 W236AN Floyd’s Knobs, IN has applied to upgrade from 10 to 220 watts which will put a signal over the city of Louisville.

One other big city move for EMF, as its 102.3 W272CA Detroit has applied to move to 107.1 due to displacement from CJNR Windsor, ON. The translator is fed by a subchannel of CBS’ WDZH.

Calvary Channel of Kansas City’s “93.7 The Fountain” K229AU Lee’s Summit, MO is dealing with an interference claim from Catholic Radio Network’s KPIO-FM Pleasanton, KS. In order to alleviate the interference the translator has made a pair of applications to resolve the issue. It will drop from 50 to 35 watts on 93.7 as a temporary measure while it attempts to relocate to 107.9. K229AU’s low power is alleviated by the fact it operates at 1151 feet. The translator is fed by Cumulus’ 101.1 KCFX-HD3.

A trio of translators are making moves in Albuquerque. Clear Channel’s 100.9 K265CA is making a minor shift from one tower to another on the same mountain top overlooking the city with no changes in coverage. IHR Educational Broadcasting’s 98.9 K255AU Corrales, NM has applied to boost from 10 to 99 watts. It will rebroadcast Vanguard Media’s Talk 1550 KIVA. Vanguard also operates “Cool 107.5” K298BK which is in the process of moving to 94.5 and will soon launch Smooth Jazz “103.7 The Oasis” via 1510 KOAZ.

Family Stations has sold two of its translators in Maryland to Washington DC’s American University for $100K. 93.5 W228AM Frederick and W228AB Paramount will be used to simulcast “Bluegrass Country” via WAMU-HD2.

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  1. Chris says

    Correction… W272CA 102.3 in Detroit is not fed by a subchannel of WDZH, but rather of Clear Channel’s Urban AC 92.3 WMXD (Mix 92.3) which broadcasts K-Love. WDZH (98.7 AMP Radio)’s only (HD2) subchannel is Smooth Jazz as “V98.7.”

    1. Lance Venta says

      Not according to the FCC Database. Perhaps it changed with this application.

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