Don’t Forget The Little Things

Lance's Line RadioInsight BlogA station’s online presence is the sum of many parts. It takes a good CMS, design, actual content, Facebook, Twitter, and plenty people to put it all together. For whatever reason there may be little things fall through the cracks. Here’s a pair of examples we’ve caught recently that are easily remedied:

WSOS Facebook Status Classic Rock 94.1 Jacksonville Lex Terry

The preceding Facebook status appeared on the page for “Classic Rock 94.1” WSOS Jacksonville, FL. Regardless of how wrong the content was and its inability to create discussion on the page, why in the world was the status tagged as coming from Seattle? While many may not even notice, why create the impression your content is not local? All it takes is for the vacationing or outsourced person who published that to turn off their location in Facebook. One little setting is all it takes to avoid it.

B101 101.1 WBEB Philadelphia web footer

The next one is so oblivious to most that it’s gone nine years untouched. The copyright in the footer of WBEB Philadelphia’s hasn’t been updated since 2004! Sure this comes across as nitpicking and many people will never notice it, but all it takes is one person to see that and think why should I bother going to a website that hasn’t been updated in nine years to cause potential harm to the station. Especially when all it requires is changing four characters in the code.

All it takes is a few little things to pile up into a big thing.

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