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WWE Network Content Ownership RadioOn Wednesday, World Wrestling Entertainment announced the launch of WWE Network. The network will be the first high profile live 24/7 television network eschewing traditional delivery methods, only being available via streaming devices.

With the company’s existing television rights deals about to expire, WWE has increased their potential rights fees by creating an internal option for their programming.

We’re starting to see some of the larger radio groups make similar moves. Clear Channel uses its Premiere Radio Networks and Premium Choice to distribute programming to its stations as well as having IHeartRadio to distribute the programming online. Cumulus is doing the same with its recent addition of Westwood One to its Cumulus Media Networks and investment in Rdio. But so many radio operators are missing out on additional ways to own their content.

Instead of producing online content on the station’s website, most are content with publishing on Facebook or Twitter where the station is at the whim of those sites for distribution. Make your station’s site a destination worth seeking out and reap the rewards directly. Use the social media sites to drive traffic to your station and its site. The purpose of a station being online is not to have a meme get shared by people who will never connect with your station or show, its to get people to listen.

By owning your content and distribution systems only you are responsible for its success or failure. Reliance on other people’s content (whether it be a station that plugs in syndication 24/7 or other forms) will lead to decreased opportunities for revenue. A station, program, or website needs to have someone invested in its success to actually be successful. Does Mark Zuckerberg care if your show gets listeners and revenue? He only cares that Facebook does.

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  1. Alan K. Teffeteller says

    I like WWE’s business acumen on this move. Really intelligent way to approach new media, and very forward thinking on their part.

  2. BC says

    The most crucial element missing here is personality. I’ve brought up a recent argument with a friend that country radio as a whole has more personality than CHR, but that’s besides the point. To be completely honest, if a jock is going to become a complete slave to ppm, then I’d rather have a Shawn Parr, doing a night show on my station. Taking phone calls, interviewing people, and being a real personality. i already know Safe and Sound is by Capital Cities, and if i really want to know where your station is, there can be a stop set sweeper produced for that, or this thing called a website. I’d like to say they’re stuck in the 80s, but even 80s boss jocks made their quick transitions compelling. so while much of radio can blame cumulus and CC for voice tracking, if a personality is compelling enough they really wouldn’t have to worry about it, i.e Kasper moving to wrvq. CBS radio shines well in this department, but their digital strategy could use work. Why must it be one or the other, Cumulus and CC are great when it comes to this, yet CBS seems to give more local incentives and concert promotions for people to be brand loyal. here’s a concept, that I’m surprised Iheart and Rdio haven’t used, personality playlists. What does Bobby Bones jam to, or insert local personality here!

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