New York Shuffle

Not since 1996 has there been a shakeup in New York City radio much like we’ve seen so far in 2008. New PD’s have been installed at WBLS, WLTW, WWPR, and WRKS. The PD’s at WXRK, WCBS, and WWFS have been let go with no replacements named as of yet. The GM of WXRK resigned. WKTU and WCAA have new morning shows. WQCD flipped. A Low-powered TV signal will debut as a full-fledged radio station this week with some well-known names in the market.

In 1996, the format changes at WAXQ, WPAT, and WYNY were brought on by station sales as consolidation took hold. Now, we’re seeing the effects of consolidation’s wrath. Having to answer to stockholders more than listeners as radio became big business, costs were cut. The days of one staff per station have given way to one person having duties at as many as 6 stations just in New York along with responsibilities elsewhere in the country. WWPR’s new Program Director, Cadillac Jack is also Operations Manager of Clear Channel’s Boston stations. How is that any way to focus attention on building and maintaining a station, er. “brand”.

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