B101 Barrie ON Flips To Classic Rock Big-FM

101.1 Big FM B101 CIQB Barrie 93.1 Fresh Radio CHAY CorusAs expected CIQB flipped to Classic Rock “101.1 Big-FM” today.

The station is running jockless and commercial-free through the Civic/Provincial Day holiday weekend but will announce its new on-air lineup at 12pm on Tuesday. The first three songs on Big-FM were Peter Gabriel “Big Time”, Kiss “Rock & Roll All Night”, and Aerosmith “Love In An Elevator”.

Original Report 7/27: As we first indicated on Monday’s Daily Domains, Corus Radio CHR “B101” CIQB-FM Barrie ON will flip to Classic Rock “101.1 Big-FM” on Friday, July 27.

CIQB’s website has been replaced with a countdown clock leading to a 12:00pm flip on Friday. The flip will take CIQB out of competition with sister Hot AC “Fresh Radio 93.1” CHAY-FM.

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  1. maytableinc says

    Hmm… This would put the Barrie market without an official CHR station and one of the largest in Canada without one, unless CHAY 93.1 revamps their format to focus more CHR based, as opposed to its current Hot AC format. Plus the market is already quite saturated with classic stations, including Rock 95, 104.1 The Dock and the nearby AC stations serving the nearby markets (though their signal reaches into the city). Best of luck to Corus with this change.

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