Classic Hits Comes To The Merrimack Valley

Valley 98.9 1110 WMVX Salem Methuen WCCMCosta Eagle Media has flipped Talk 1110 WCCM/98.9 W255DA Salem NH to Classic Hits “Valley 98.9“.

The new “Merrimack Valley’s Greatest Hits” has launched with 10,000 songs in a row commercial free.The WMVX call letters have brought over from 1570 in Methuen MA, with the WCCM calls moved there. Much of the former Talk programming has moved to and 102.9 W275BH-HD2 Lawrence MA.

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  1. elcartero says

    *record scratch*
    Wait… if the Talk format is on a TRANSLATOR’S HD2, what station is originating it? The main 102.9 signal comes from an AM station, 800 WNNW, which runs a Spanish format. Am I missing something… can a translator originate programming on its HD2?

  2. OldNewsGuy says

    The analog signal and “HD-1” must be a simulcast of the AM station assigned. In this case 800AM WNNW.

    HD-2, HD-3, etc….can have any programming they want on it. The sub-channels don’t have to replicate an AM’s programming.

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