Grant County Broadcasting Purchases 105.9 WNKN Cincinnati

89.7 WNKU Cincinnati 105.9 WNKN Middletown Dayton 104.1 WNKE HuntingtonUpdate:WVXU’s John Kiesewetter now updates stating that no agreement to keep the AAA format is included in the deal to acquire WNKN.

Grant County Broadcasting head Jeff Ziesmann told Kiesewetter, “Very early on in negotiations, we discussed keeping the format provided NKU would finance the purchase of the station. It quickly rejected the proposal.”

Original Report 7:30pm: Following the sale of AAA 89.7 WNKU Highland Heights KY/Cincinnati OH to Bible Broadcasting and 104.1 WNKE New Boston OH to Educational Media Foundation in February, Northern Kentucky University has found a buyer for the third station in its former network.

Grant County Broadcasting, owners of Classic Country 106.7 WNKR Williamstown KY, will purchase 105.9 WNKN Middletown OH for $4 million cash and $1.3 million in advertising. As part of the deal, John Kiesewetter reports that the buyer agrees to keep a AAA format on the station for one year after closing. WNKN, which covers the Cincinnati and Dayton markets, will revert to a commercial license and operation. Louisville Public Media had stated in early May that their offer of $3.5 million in cash and $1.5 million in services for WNKN had been rejected.

Northern Kentucky University had purchased then Country 105.9 WPFB-FM along with 910 WPFB Middletown and 104.1 WPAY-FM New Boston OH from WPAY/WPFB Inc. in 2011 for $6.75 million.

  1. microbob says

    Interesting. At least 105.9 is going to a local owner who does well with classic country 106.7 In Dry Ridge

  2. Mark W. says

    This is terrific news!! A LOCAL owner who is committed to doing a format that cannot be found across much of the area.

    If 105.9 returns to classic country or even an outlaw country format, one has to wonder if 101.5 Hank FM in Dayton will stick around.

  3. stats says

    105.9 never impacted Dayton before. It won’t now. HankFM has nothing to worry about. The wise thing is to do in Butler and Warren counties what they’ve done in Dry Ridge. Focus on the local, not the big markets north or south. A stand alone can’t compete with the corporate broadcasters.

    1. Anthony Belle says

      Hank FM does not play some of the original renditions of certain songs. and their library is not deep enough.

      1. stats says

        Specifics on what songs, please. As for library depth, what would work for you?

  4. Anthony Belle says

    Great for WNKR. Hopefully I can listen to Classic country with great signal in the Dayton Area.

    1. stats says

      Believe me, I’m not knocking what WNKR is doing. I’m a fan. All I’m saying is that they’d be making a big mistake thinking they can compete head-on with Cox, iHeart, Alpha or Cumulus. Their experience is in hyper-serving the communities that the majors overlook. In 105.9’s case, Butler and Warren counties. If they choose to play the music you enjoy, then great. But that’s a secondary benefit. Any thoughts of being competitive with K99, B105, Nash or HankFM will be a fool’s quest.

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