KBHT Makes Its Annual Format Change

Mix 104.9 Bob-FM Bob KBHT Waco 101.3For the fourth year in a row, M&M Broadcasters has debuted a new format on 104.9 KBHT Bellmead/Waco TX.

This year’s change has seen KBHT drop its AC “Mix 104.9” identity for Variety Hits as “104.9 Bob-FM“. The Bob-FM brand had been on 101.3 K267AI Moody/KBHT-HD2 since August 2016 and before that was on 104.5 K283CD Waco/KBHT-HD3. Mix morning hosts Dustin & Beth will remain on KBHT.

101.3 K267AI Moody/KBHT-HD2 is currently also running the Bob-FM programming but claims it will debut a new format later this week.

For those keeping track at home here’s a timeline of recent changes at KBHT:

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