Connoisseur Launching Mod 102.3 New Haven

Mod 102.3 W272DO WPLR-HD2 New Haven AlternativeConnoisseur Media will debut Alternative “Mod 102.3” W272DO/WPLR-HD2 New Haven CT on Monday, September 18 at 10:23am.

The new format will focus on Alternative hits of the past ten years with core artists including Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Arcade Fire, Twenty One Pilots, Coldplay, Bastille, The Killers, Imagine Dragons and Florence & The Machine. Keith Dakin, Operations Manager of Connoisseur’s Connecticut properties, will serve as Program Director. Prior to joining Connoisseur in 2010 Dakin spent seven years at Alternative 101.7 WFNX Boston including three as the station’s final PD. Ed Oliveira, late morning host at 1360 WDRC Hartford, and Christian Turnquist, producer at AC “Star 99.9” WEZN-FM Bridgeport, will serve as the primary on-air voices for the new station.

Connoisseur Media will launch Alternative “Mod 102.3” in New Haven, CT, on W272DO-FM. The new format features artists such as Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Arcade Fire, Twenty One Pilots, Coldplay, Bastille, The Killers, Imagine Dragons and Florence & The Machine, among others. Connoisseur made the decision to Alternative to the new dial position after a music study showed a clear void for the format.

“Mod 102.3” will hit the airwaves Monday, September 18 at 10:23am. The station will serve the New Haven metropolitan area with a focus on New Haven, West Haven, East Haven, Hamden, Bethany, and Woodbridge.

Connoisseur Connecticut OM Keith Dakin will program “Mod 102.3.” Dakin’s history is rich in Alternative music having programmed the former WFNX in Boston. Ed Oliveira and Christian Turnquist will be the main personalities on the station. Tristan Haller will point all of the marketing for Mod.

“Choosing the Indie/Alternative format for 102.3 was an obvious choice because New Haven clearly wants a station focused on the last ten years of alternative music. Our team understands, lives, and supports the New Haven community. Moreover, this team has a deep passion for alternative music with years of combined experience in the format,” said General Manager Kristin Okesson.

Regional Operations Manager Keith Dakin explained, “There is so much music out there that people are streaming, going to see live, and buzzing about that isn’t on the radio. Mod 102.3 will fill that void. Alternative/Indie music didn’t die in 1997,” Dakin continued. “It is alive and well and being ignored in New Haven. We are extremely excited to have Mod give these sounds to that audience.”

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