The First All-Christmas Launch Of 2017 Is…

Easy 93.1 WEZW Wildwood Crest Atlantic CityFor the third time this decade, Equity Communications Soft AC “Easy 93.1” WEZW Wildwood Crest NJ has become the first station nationally to make the move to Christmas Music.

Making the change with temperatures in the mid-70’s, WEZW was also first to make the move in 2011 and 2014. Stations preparing for new format launches expedited the timetables the last two years as SummitMedia’s 100.1 W261BX Birmingham was first on 9/25/2015 and Earls Family Broadcasting’s 1220 KCAX/98.1 K251BZ Branson MO began on October 2, 2016. When it was first in 2014, WEZW made the move on the third Friday in October just like this year.

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  1. Joe says

    If you don’t count HD2’s, WBEB HD2 made the flip monday.

  2. miguelito says

    Does anyone maintain a list? StationIntel used to but it appears they’ve lost that lovin feeling.

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says usually features a list for the Upper Midwest. Beyond that, BRS Media has a list of streams (which, at this point, would still be mostly online-only) at

      1. miguelito says


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