Entravision Brings La Tricolor To Los Angeles; Suavecita To 11 Markets

Jose Radio Entravision La Tricolor 97.5 103.1 Los AngelesEntravision made format changes in twelve markets Monday as it has eliminated the Spanish Adult Hits “José” brand from its portfolio along with its final Spanish CHR “Super Estrella” station.

Two of the markets where José had operated have flipped to Regional Mexican “La Tricolor“. Those are the Los Angeles/Inland Empire trimulcast of 97.5 KLYY Riverside/103.1 KDLD Santa Monica/103.1 KDLE Newport Beach and 105.9 KRZY-FM Santa Fe/Albuquerque NM. The Los Angeles station will feature the Los Metiches Show in mornings. Formerly known as the LMShow, it had aired in afternoons on many of Entravision’s now former José stations.

In the eleven other markets, Entravision is launching its “Suavecita” brand. Suavecita debuted in December 2016 in the Los Angeles market and features Regional Mexican Oldies from the 1980s and 1990s. The new stations joining that brand are:

Entravision Communications Corporation (NYSE: EVC), a diversified media company serving Latino audiences and communities, today announced that its La Suavecita radio format previously broadcast in Los Angeles, CA, has rolled out nationally across 11 new markets and 13 new stations.

Launched in January 2017 in Los Angeles, CA, the largest Hispanic radio market in the U.S., La Suavecita is a Grupero/Cumbia format, targeting women 25-49 and adults 25-54. The format brings a unique blend of the leading Spanish radio formats, creating a fresh listening experience and is introducing a new show line-up featuring Alex “El Genio” Lucas, Piolin and Armida y La Flaka.

“Since its launch a year ago, La Suavecita has built an incredible following of loyal listeners and received strong advertising support in Los Angeles,” said Jeffery Liberman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Entravision. “We are excited to share this unique and exciting format with listeners in 11 new markets and to bring a powerhouse line-up of some of the most recognized on-air personalities in radio to La Suavecita. We remain dedicated to the listeners and communities we serve across the nation and are committed to bringing innovative formats and programming to radio.”


Entravision Communications Corporation (NYSE: EVC), a diversified media company serving Latino audiences and communities, today announced format and programming changes to its radio stations in the Los Angeles market. La Suavecita enhances its programming lineup to align the station’s talent to enhance its reach across the greater Los Angeles metro area and Entravision introduces its proven La Tricolor format to Los Angeles.

La Suavecita, a Grupero/Cumbia format, targeting women 25-49 and adults 25-54 enhances its programming line-up based on its targeted demographics. La Suavecita is heard on KSSE, KSSC and KSSD 107.1 FM serving the Los Angeles metro area. Launched in January 2017, it brings a unique blend of the leading Spanish radio formats to the market creating a fresh listening experience with its new show line-up featuring Alex “El Genio” Lucas, Piolin and Armida y La Flaka.

La Tricolor KLYY 97.5 and 103.1 FM in Los Angeles is a bold regional Mexican and current hits format with an exceptional lineup of on-air talent and shows, targeting adults 18-49. For more than 20 years, it has served audiences as the regional Mexican trendsetter, breaking new music and artists, which has made it the #1 station in a number of its markets.

“Entravision has a long track record of innovation and excellence in radio and we are excited to announce these enhancements to our Los Angeles radio group,” said Jeffery Liberman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Entravision. “Los Angeles is the largest Hispanic radio market in the U.S. and we believe our format, programming and talent changes will allow us to better connect with our audiences, and in turn, our advertisers with their customers. La Suavecita and La Tricolor are exciting formats backed by a strong slate of on-air personalities that will drive engagement across our radio and digital platforms.”

La Suavecita new program line-up includes:

Mornings with El Genio | Monday – Friday 4 am – 10 am PST. Alex “El Genio” Lucas shares unique inspirational messages to motivate and enlighten listeners every morning. Regarded as the most “family-friendly” radio show, Lucas’ spreads empowerment through stories on self-worth, family values, and moral dilemmas.

Mid-Day with Piolin | Monday – Friday 10 am – 2 pm PST. As the first Mexican to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, Eddie ‘Piolín’ Sotelo is an icon in the community and one of the strongest influencers on radio today. With close to 3M FB followers, Piolin’s credibility is unmatched. His show segments celebrate Latino success and achievement!

Afternoons with Armida y La Flaka | Monday – Friday 2 pm – 6 pm PST. El Show de Armida y La Flaka is the only radio show that features a Latina duo. These two driven women share personal experiences to build a close relationship with listeners. Topics range from “Tell me something good” to featuring industry experts (Informate, Preguntale Al Experto) who share advice on important topics including finances, relationships and your health.
Evenings with Mayra | Monday – Friday 7 pm – midnight PST. Mayra Berenice hosts an energetic show with an array of subjects that keep it interesting every night. She is a relatable personality that helps listeners discover new opportunities. Her specialty show, “Mysterios Ocultos,” explores the mysteries of the paranormal and unexplained phenomena.

La Tricolor new program line-up includes:

Mornings with Los Metiches | Monday – Friday 6 am – 10 am PST. Los Metiches (formerly LMShow.com) is hosted by a trio of personalities obsessed with entertainment content, social media and gossip. The only radio show dedicated to breaking news on celebrities and artists, Los Metiches has a “nose” for uncovering the most talked about stories…FIRST. Their paparazzi pool of sources includes reporters and insiders both in Mexico and the U.S., as well as fans who upload rare videos and photos onto losmetichesshow.com’s “La Camarita.” Los Metiches are always at the right place at the right time.

Mid-Day with Carla La Plebe | Monday – Friday 10 am – 2 pm PST. Carla Soto is fondly known as “La Plebe” for her down to earth style and demeanor. Her charismatic energy especially shines when she’s hosting concert events or interviewing the biggest music artists. While she always has backstage VIP access, you’re likely to catch her dancing with the crowd. On air, La Plebe loves to spotlight new music and play the most popular “corridos.” She dedicates the noon hour to her specialty show, “Las Historias del Corrido.”

Afternoons with Erazno y La Chokolata | Monday – Friday 2 pm – 7 pm PST. Every afternoon is Saturday Night Live on “El Show de Erazno y la Chokolata,” a parody based comedy program that entertains audiences with bold humor, outlandish stunts, and daring prank calls. Hosted by Choko, diva extraordinaire, and Erazno, a soccer obsessed modern Dennis the Menace, the two consistently battle to have the last word. It’s an empire of comedy when you add Erazno’s elite entourage: wingman “Garbanzo,” prankster “Diablito,” producer “Edwin,” and bachelor “El Doggy.”

Evenings with Canal Paisa | Monday – Friday 7 pm – midnight PST. Canal Paisa Live On-Air is the nightly audio complement of the first video-centric online destination dedicated to the Regional Mexican lifestyle. Canal Paisa’s content is fueled by the nation’s #1 Spanish music format and exploits the unique culture, language, and heritage of the Regional Mexican music movement. Spotlight features cover Music, Live Events, Comedy, Sports Crashers, Fashion, Foodies and Gaming.

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    Are the announcer lineups in the Entravision press release quoted here just for the Los Angeles area, or will they be for all “La Sauvecita” and “La Tricolor” stations nationally??

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