KAFE/CHHR Frequency Swap to Take Place 1/14

104.1 KAFE Bellingham 104.3 CHHR Vancouver Shore 104 104.5 KMCQ Seattle

The long-awaited frequency swap between AC 104.3 KAFE Bellingham, WA and AAA “Shore 104” CHHR Vancouver, BC will occur on Thursday, January 14 at 7:30am with a symbolic transfer at the international border. KAFE will slide down to 104.1 to keep its coverage area of Washington from the fringes of the Seattle market northward, while CHHR retains full market coverage of Vancouver.

The biggest beneficiary of this move will be First Broadcasting’s 104.5 KMCQ Covington, WA will be able to finish its move into the Seattle market by moving its transmitter to Cougar Mountain. KMCQ will also increase its signal from 25kw at 318′ to a directional 7.1kw at 1273 feet above average terrain.

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