Ohio Classic Country Trimulcast Rebrands As Real Roots Radio

Real Roots Radio WKFI WEDI WBZITown and Country Broadcasting has relaunched its “Classic Country Radio” trimulcast 1090 WKFI Wilmington, 1130 WEDI/105.5 W288DJ Eaton, and 1500 WBZI/100.3 W262BG Xenia OH as “Real Roots Radio“.

Owner Joe Mullins wrote a letter to listeners that nothing has changed but the name and website address. The station is still playing a mix of Classic Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, and Americana.

Did you know that our network of radio stations features the most live and local programming in the region?!

We have consistently been all about originality and homemade quality – Real people, Real American music, Real results for our loyal advertisers, and Real roots in our community. We are Real Roots Radio!

When our programming was first introduced in 1995, no other radio stations in southwestern Ohio attempted to feature classic country music. Now, 23 years later, our six broadcast sources feature the widest variety of country music. We are the only full-service commercial radio stations in Ohio combining three generations of country recordings with quality bluegrass, gospel, and Americana music. Daily and weekly features for the farm community, churches, Veterans, outdoor enthusiasts, and more, presented by known personalities with over 125 years of combined on-air experience, round out our distinguished format.

Our team is energized, and we are launching an effort to continue building on over 20 years of originality, retaining our position as a leader in producing quality radio programming. We are now excited to announce that beginning March 20, we will officially become Real Roots Radio.

The same focus on our wonderful music variety stays in place – nothing superficial, weak, or watered down. The dependable on-air team will still provide all the information and entertainment we’re famous for delivering. We are launching a major rebranding promotion to bring even more listeners to our network, promoting our uniqueness and diversity to everyone.

The I’s Have It – always have, always will – and we’re still putting down new roots, while spending time with our old friends on-air every day. Thanks for your continued commitment to the quality broadcasting we always strive to deliver. WBZI. WKFI. WEDI. Real. Roots. Radio.

Best Regards,

Joe Mullins, President and General Manager

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  1. Anthony Belle says

    Still the same great music!

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