WNMB Rebrands As 95.5 The Drive

95.5 The Drive 900 WNMB North Myrtle BeachThe Myrtle Beach area is known mainly for two things; its beaches and its golf courses.

Colonial Media + Entertainment has rebranded its Classic Rocker in the market from promoting one to promoting the other as “95.5 The Beach” 900 WNMB North Myrtle Beach/95.5 W238CJ Atlantic Beach has rebranded as “95.5 The Drive“.

The station is still positioned as “Rock Without The Hard Edge”.

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  1. misstuned says

    What’s that logo? It looks like it was done in ten minutes on Microsoft Word with a bit of clip-art.

  2. fedacct says

    The AM station doesn’t appear to be on the air and hasn’t been in past vacation trips too. However, the FM signal seems better during this trip here. Did they become a full power station?

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