Chris Stigall Exits Mornings At WPHT Philadelphia

1210 WPHT PhiladelphiaEntercom Conservative Talk 1210 WPHT Philadelphia is making a change in mornings as Chris Stigall exits after nine years with the station.

Stigall joined WPHT in 2010 after four years hosting mornings at 710 KCMO Kansas City. Philadelphia Magazine reports that Entercom decided against renewing Stigall’s contract.

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  1. homerjay says

    No doubt they can find a similarly hypocritical hyperventilator for a lower price.

  2. Nathan Obral says

    Should be noted that Stigall stupidly made a whole bunch of bad publicity when he made a very inflammatory series of tweets that attacked the First Nations while presumably going after Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

    Which, of course, makes him no different from any other boilerplate conservative talk radio host.

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