WFXF Sets April 8 For Flip To K-Love

103.9 The Fox WFXF Eddie Volkman JoBo Brian ShermanWith the sale of “103.9 The Fox” WFXF Dundee IL to Educational Media Foundation set to close, the Alpha Media Classic Rocker has announced that the station will end its current format at some time on Monday, April 8.

The airstaff including morning host Eddie Volkman, PD/midday host Alex Quigley, and afternoon host Patrick Capone, will host their final shows on Friday with the station moving-up its “Adult Easter Egg Hunt” to Saturday.

It is expected that WFXF will join EMF’s “Air 1” Christian Worship network as the company has reserved new WAWY calls.

The thing about the Rapture is that it comes on its own schedule, not yours. We've received word that 103.9 the Fox…

Posted by 103.9 The Fox on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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  1. StogieGuy says

    And the borg turns yet another radio station into a zombie.

  2. Beachguy says

    I fail to see how this is serving a community. I have no problem with HOW they program (“Christian”) but, rather, how they operate on a technical level. No studios, not staff, absolutely nothing local. Not a SINGLE EMPLOYEE.

    I don’t care what their mission is- their operating style is evil.

    1. JeremyAndrews says

      The way they operate is much like radio in other parts of the world operates.

      Take a lot of Europe (France for example) There are the government owned networks. Then there are networks such as

      NRJ (CHR)
      Rouge FM (AC)
      Nostalgie (Classic Hits)
      RFM (AC)
      Skyrock (Rhythmic CHR-Urban)

      The above operate the way EMF operates. Stations across the country with almost all programming originating in Paris at the network studio. This is quite typical in many many countries.

      Here, it seems to only be used by Christian broadcasters (Since they’re non-commercial, they were allowed main studio waivers for decades) Main studios are no longer regulated the way they used to be. As a result, you can probably expect more of this in the future on commercial radio.

      1. borderblaster says

        Their listeners absolutely, positively do not care that there is no DJ sitting in a control room in their town,

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