Jelli To LMA Two Las Vegas Area Stations

Jelli 96.7 KHIJ Vibe 94.5 KVBE Las Vegas Mesquite St. George LKCM Aurora

Update 6/30: The Jelli programming will go live early Thursday morning.

The websites and streams for both station are already live is you login to 94.5 KXLI looks to be having a strong Alternative Rock lean, while 96.7 KYLI will be branded as “Top 40 Remix”, inheriting much of the Dance music currently heard on “Vibe 94.5” and remixes of current pop hits.

Update 6/27: Jelli’s progamming debut on the two Las Vegas rimshots should be debuting soon as both stations have changed calls.

94.5 KVBE Moapa has become KXLI. was registered for use with that station.

96.7 KHIJ Bunkerville is now KYLI. will be used for that one.

Original Report 5/5: Jelli, the social media driven voting content provider is making the shift to station programming.

The company has announced it will be leasing LKCJ Broadcasting’s 96.7 KHIJ Bunkerville, NV and Aurora Media’s Dance “Vibe 94.5” KVBE Moapa, NV and shifting both stations to its crowd-sourced web based programming in June. KVBE will carry Rock based programming, while KHIJ will air a pop music mix.

Both stations rimshot Las Vegas from the northeast, with more coverage of the St. George, UT area than Las Vegas.

Read the press release here.

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