96.1 WMAX-FM Grand Rapids Becomes “Radio X”

96.1 WMAX Grand Rapids MaxFM Max-FM Max FM Radio X 96.1 RadioX WMAX

Update 2/4/08: As predicted WMAX did become one of Clear Channel’s gold based Alternative rockers at 10:01am today, using the “Radio X 96.1” branding as opposed to the “Channel” moniker we predicted. The station debuted with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Original Post 1/31/08: At 3pm today, 96.1 WMAX-FM Holland/Grand Rapids, MI dropped its Modern AC format and began stunting with a ticking clock. The station’s website features a quick 12 second viral video in the vein rof Cloverfield and SaveUs_222 pointing to next Monday February 4, at 10:01am as the debut time of the new format.

Clear Channel has registered a number of 961 related domains over the past couple weeks: channel961.net, channel961fm.com, channel961online.com, chanel961.com, ch961.com, radiox961.com and 961shinefm.com.

Based on the amount of domains registered, we expect to see Channel 96.1 launch on Monday as a Modern Rocker much in the vein of 104.5 Philadelphia and 106.7 Columbus. Clear Channel uses the “Channel” moniker mainly on CHR’s, including WKQI Detroit and KHTS San Diego, however with sister 104.5 WSNX already in the format there isn’t much logic in going there. Additionally, Regent’s Active leaning Alternative 97.9 WGRD is WSNX’s primary competitor in the younger demos. Although we should note that WMAX is one of the stations Clear Channel is about to send into trust and requied to spinoff.

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  1. sfradio says

    actully they dropped their hot ac format, they are going to flip to mordern ac

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