The Bull Gets Big In Dayton

Just a mere 11 months after flipping from Smooth Jazz to Country, Clear Channel has flipped “106.5 The Bull” WDSJ Dayton, OH to Classic Hits as “Big 106.5“.

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  1. Brad Lovett says

    A more sensible move than being a duplicate Country station, and except for LPFM, it’s the first time a format like this has been on the air since Cox blew up Kool/Oldies 95. It’s obviously Premium Choice, with Marty Thompson on this afternoon.

  2. clemenstroy says

    I liked The Bull (Country Music) because I got it in the city of Troy, OH. very clear and all the other (99) just played the same songs over and over again. All I’m saying is this new channel SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Thanks alot you have lost a listener.

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