FM News 101.9 New York Launches

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After almost of month of filler music and gradual additions of news elements, Merlin Media’s 101.9 WEMP New York became “FM News 101.9” this morning.

Much like its Chicago sister station, 101.9 is featuring a younger, more female-skewing programming than its All-News counterparts 880 WCBS and 1010 WINS. The only web-presence of the new station is a survey at

Since the station is not streaming, here is an aircheck of “101.9 FM News” from the 11am hour today to see how Merlin’s offering compares to traditional All-News programming.


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  1. This station is weak because of one simple detail that makes all the difference for the news wheel formats.

    Before going to ads, yes DO tell the time, but tell us something about what’s coming up after the ad! Don’t just say “It’s 11:14” and dive into ads.

    That’s their worst mistake right there!!! You never know who might have just tuned in around that time! Hook them in so they don’t wander off thinking “oh…it’s ads” (and fail to return)

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