KXOT Tacoma To Drop KUOW2 Programming

91.7 KXOT Tacoma Seattle 94.9 KUOW KUOW2 Puget Sound Public Radio Capital KBTC

Update 7/2: Following the end of its LMA, 91.7 KXOT has temporarily gone dark as it awaits a new programming provider.

Original Report 5/15: Public Radio Capital’s 91.7 KXOT Tacoma, WA will drop its “KUOW2” NPR News/Talk programming on June 29.

The station had been operating under an LMA to Puget Sound Public Radio, the operating name for the University of Washington’s 94.9 KUOW Seattle. The station states Public Radio Capital’s loan made to purchase the station from Bates Technical College in 2005 recently went into default and the bank will be taking over operation of the station. KUOW declined to use its option to purchase KXOT in 2009 and its contract to operate it has been running on a month to month basis since July 2011.

KUOW2 programming will continue to be heard on 94.9 KUOW-HD2 and online.

91.7 has a Construction Permit that will see it convert from a C2 to C1 while moving its transmitter from Tacoma northwest to near Bremerton. It will operate with 4.3kW at 582 meters while putting a city grade signal over parts of downtown Seattle.

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  1. MattParker says

    A bank is taking over operation of a station in the non-commercial band? I bet preachers are already lining up to get their hands on the station.

    1. B. Powers says

      Hoping someone can answer this, because I can’t find any answers in my search.

      I was an avid fan of KUOW-2/KXOT 91.7 until it was pulled. My car radio was set to 91.7 FM and for months there was just noise… now it appears there’s broadcasting from the WA State Capitol, clear and constant. What is this? Why can’t I find any reference to it when I search KXOT 91/7?

      When the station break is made. I have only heard “KXOT, 91.7 Tacoma” never what ‘program’ is being broadcast.

      1. Lance Venta says

        The station has been testing its new signal in recent weeks with a simulcast of the TVW public affairs cable network until it finds a new operator to provide programming.

    2. B. Powers says

      Any chance it could become permanent? It would be a great service. I’ve enjoyed listening in the car to it, although I’m not able to pick it up at my home radio the way I used to. I live in Lynnwood and was always able to pick up 91.7 KXOT and 91.3 KBCS really well. Something appears to be crowding the signal. I believe there is also a Canadian station close to those call numbers.

      Adding the legislative sessions to FM (non-digital!) radio would be a plus. I know lots who are closely watching the Bills currently being presented I don’t have a t.v. and rely on radio (non-digital) for all my news. Luckily we have great local public radio stations like KBCS, KSER and KUOW to keep us well informed.

      Thanks for responding. Let me know if you want to pass my questions off to someone else. When I called the station with my concern; they just told me to buy a digital radio. I can’t be the only potential listener they’ve lost.

      But.. state legislative simulcasts would be a great replacement. I would be willing to spread the news to people and organizations who are trying to keep up with the legislature.

  2. Chuck Morrison says

    Hey Matt, that would be an apolitical / non profit use, wouldn’t it?

    Look at all the comments logged between yours and mine. In there resides a large part of this story.

  3. MattParker says

    Chuck, not necessarily. Salem, for example, is both political and profitable. Paid religion is one of the few formats making money. Yes, KXOT is in the non-commercial band but preachers are really good at skirting the fine line between commercial and non-commercial. So is public radio, for that matter.

    For the record, less than 20 per cent of KUOW2’s program schedule comes from NPR. The great majority is from PRI, APM, the CBC, BBC and other international broadcasters.

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