KOKE-FM Returning To Austin

98.5 99.3 KOKE KOKE-FM Austin Bob Cole CountryUpdate 7/4: The Austin American-Statesman has many more details on the pending launch of KOKE-FM. Bob Cole, Jason Nassaor, and former KVET afternoon host Eric Raines are among the partners in the station. They are currently LMAing the station from REO Radio Group and are close to finalizing an outright purchase. The station will launch on Sunday, July 8 with Bob Cole’s morning show coming on Monday.

Update 7/2: The loop of 99.3 has switched to a custom version of Dale Watson’s song called “Country My Ass”, with the final line “Now Austin’s on track ’cause KOKE-FM’s back!”. Legal ID now says “From the Dick Oppenheimer studios, this is KOKE-FM Thorndale/K253AN Sunset Valley-Austin”. A Facebook page for the station is live here.

Between each loop of the song is a Willie Nelson-voiced sweeper, “You’re listening to 99-3 Koke FM. Remember our motto: We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy”.

Thanks to MeAgainstMarconi.com for their help with this story.

Original Report 7/1: 99.3 KLGO Thorndale/98.5 K253AN Sunset Valley/Austin, TX have completed the process of moving its Christian Talk “The Word” format to what was 1490 KFON Austin.

At midnight tonight the FM’s began stunting with a loop of “Oh Happy Day” and instructing listeners to move to 1490 to hear the previous format. The KLGO call letters are on their way to 1490 as well as 99.3 is now KOKE-FM.

The KOKE-FM call letters had a long run as Austin’s Progressive Country station on 95.5 (until it became AC “Majic 95.5” KKMJ) until 1990 and on a Religious rimshot on 101.7 from 1990 to 1995 (that station then moved into Austin proper on 101.5 and flipped to Alternative “101X” KROX).

KOKEFM.com was registered in January by Jason Nassour, a local Austin lawyer. The site currently features a brief history of the station. Nassour was a regular guest on former KOKE and KVET morning host Bob Cole’s program. Cole was let go from KVET-FM in December. A second domain, TheStationThatStartedItAll.com features a similar history of KOKE and was registered last week by a local Austin web designer. Both sites end with a similar tease at the end.

Many have asked the question: “Will KOKE-FM ever return to the Austin airwaves?”

As they say on the radio…stay tuned…

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  1. Will says

    KKMJ Majic 95.5 started in 1987. They just turned 25. Your article is incorrect. It moved to AM until 1990 and was back on 101.7 Giddings in 1990 until 1995.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Went by the FCC database which shows the station was legally KOKE-FM until 1/8/1990. Calls were then changed to KKMJ and then KKMJ-FM on 3/25/91.

      The KOKE calls were picked up by 101.7 KGID on 4/6/90 and were changed to KROX-FM on 5/22/95. 1600 KVYK then picked up the KOKE calls on 6/16/95.

  2. Jessica Cullen says

    Glad to hear we will have another station besides KVET/KASE. Hopefully Bob and Sammy will come to KOKE too.

  3. Richard Juke Joucken says

    I moved to Austin on my 21st birthday in 1973 to be a part of the “Austin Progressive Country” music scene. I got to play guitar and sing with B.W. Stevenson, meet Michael Murphey, Steven Fromholz and listen to Joe Gracey on KOKE FM.
    I’m so happy that KOKE FM is back!
    Austin deserves to have KOKE FM and, KOKE FM deserves to be in Austin.
    As Joe Gracey used to sign off: “Say off your feet, drink lot’s of water and come when you can.”

    Best Wishes,
    Richard Juke Joucken

  4. Long John - KMUD-FM says

    Welcome back, KOKE…folks at KOKE were instrumental in helping Jeremy & Laura Ellen found KFAT-FM (Gilroy, CA) in the 1970’s…

    And we all know that KFAT died 30 years ago (I have a special memorial / tribute to KFAT broadcast January 7th on KMUD-FM)…

    Now if’n y’all can play some of the Greasy Wheel songs, it would be a good sign…

    Long John ~ Tubby Tunes ~ KMUD-Fm (Garberville, CA in notable Humboldt County)

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