KHJK Houston Flips To Air 1

103.7 KHJK Houston Adult Alternative Air1
Following the reported sale of 103.7 KHJK La Porte/Houston to EMF Broadcasting in May there were no followup FCC filings. Finally today do we see action as EMF began operating 103.7 via LMA at 5:00 today.

The move will displace AAA “Houston’s Adult Alternative” and replace it with EMF’s Christian CHR “Air1“. KHJK follows KZAR McQueeny/San Antonio as Air1 affiliates in Texas.

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  1. I´m getting tired of this corporate radio switcheroo crap. The alternative format along with seasoned djs was the best. No wonder droves have moved and will continue to move to satellite. Another loss in the pathetic radio landscape that is Houston´s.

  2. This seriously sucks. In a market as big as Houston, we had one passable station. KHJK sucked the least of all stations in h-town.

  3. I have lived in Houston 15 years, this city can not keep a good radio station. Why, can’t a market as large as Houston keep good radio on the air? I to will be moving to satellite, what a shame!

  4. Seriously people quit the whining. To operate a radio station requires lots of $$$. The on-air personalities like to get paid, the electric company likes to get paid or they turn the power off, the tax collectors WILL get paid regardless, the attorney’s like to get paid etc etc etc. And “AAA” stations are known for not being able to generate enough advertising dollars to keep them afloat even in a market the size of Houston. OTOH look at KSBJ Humble/Houston that is 100% listener supported (donations only) with a ~$6 million dollar a year operations budget. If you want a AAA station then be prepared to belly up to the bar and whip out your billfold because air time is not cheap.

    • Here here! Well said! Seriously, if you want to have a station play YOUR favorite music… pay for it. KSBJ listeners do… and less than a handful of others.

  5. If you’re looking for answers this article provides a big clue:

    Look at KHJK’s total sales for last year in the last paragraph. Now think about how expensive it is to maintain and operate a radio station.

    That’s why nobody is rushing out there to do that format.

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