Montgomery Move-In Proposed Via Four Station Shuffle

93.7 WDBT Hartford Dothan 93.5 Montgomery Rock 104 103.9 WJRL-FM Move Move-InGulf South Communications and Southeast Alabama Broadcasters have applied for a series of mutually exclusive upgrades for some of their stations in the Dothan AL market.

The first move will see Southeast Alabama’s “Rock 104” 103.9 WJRL-FM Fort Rucker increase from a Class C3 operating with 25kW at 89 meters to a C2 with 26kW at 208.1 meters. To enable the upgrade of WJRL-FM, “Country 103.7” WAAO-FM Andalusia will be shifted to 93.7 with the same facilities.

The next step will see Gulf South’s News/Talk 93.7 WDBT Hartford downgrade from a Class C1 running 100kW at 260 meters to a Class A on 93.5 with 5kW at 109.3 meters. The station will also change city of license to Hope Hull where it will rimshot Montgomery by putting a 60 dBu signal over the city. A move closer to Montgomery is prohibited in order to retain spacing requirements to 93.7 WDJC-FM Birmingham.

The third change will see Gulf South’s AC “Mix 96.9” WDJR change city of license from Enterprise to Hartford in order to keep broadcast service in that municipality following WDBT’s move. No changes in its operating facilities.

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  1. Davenport says

    I doubt Bluewater would allow 93.7 to move in as a talk station, which would stomp over their toes (bluewater already has a talk format on air at 93.1 fm.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Bluewater would have no control over another company’s plans regarding a format. That said, I highly doubt 93.5 would retain its Wiregrass targeted Talk format if/when it moves to the Montgomery area.

      1. Davenport says

        True, but i meant that having another talk station, even if aimed for the wiregrass area would be stepping on toes and confuse many listeners.

      2. Francis says

        93.7 does not have a “Wiregrass targeted” Talk format. It is syndicated around the clock. It does not even have a local morning show.

  2. Dan Presley says

    Montgomery has way too many radio stations already. The Fuzion move in is an abject failure, because of a weak signal. Why bring another radio station to a city that doesn’t need it. This move makes no sense to me.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Montgomery is a larger market than Dothan, hence more available money to be made. Unlike WDXX, this station will actually have a serviceable signal in the market. Apples & Oranges.

  3. Dan Presley says

    Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. As of this posting, I’m trying to build a new LPFM radio station for Selma Alabama. Hope to have something in the works by this time next year. My plans are to provide this city with it’s first and only voice for all things Contemporary Christian Music, should my dream work out.

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