SiriusXM Sets Lineup Revamp

Sirius XM Channel Realignment Changes Comedy Central Entertainment Weekly CBC Pop2KSiriusXM has revealed it will have a partial channel realignment on Thursday, May 8.

Only a few new channels will be added. The previously announced Comedy Central Radio and Entertainment Weekly Radio have been assigned their locations for when they launch later this month. The bigger additions will come from the Canadian suite of channels where the CBC’s channels will come to the XM side for the first time and a number of channels will be reformatted.

Here’s the rundown of the changes:

  • 2000’s Hits “Pop 2K” moves from Channel 14 to 10 to join the Decades neighborhood whle becoming available on Sirius radio’s
  • Adult CHR “The Pulse” moves from Channel 10 to Channel 15
  • Urban Oldies “The Groove” remains on Channel 50, but is added to Sirius receivers.
  • Disco “Studio 54 Radio” moves from Channel 15 to the appropriate Channel 54
  • Southern Gospel “EnLighten” moves from Channel 18 to Channel 65
  • A pair of Comedy channels swap positions with “The Foxxhole” going from 98 to 96 and “Laugh USA” from 96 to 98
  • Radio Sex” moves from 103 to 102
  • On XM receivers, “Opie & Anthony” move from 105 to 103
  • The following Talk channels move: “SiriusXM Stars” from 107 to 106, “Cosmo Radio” from 109 to 108, “OutQ Gay Radio” from 108 to 109, “The Power” from 128 to 110, “Road Dog Trucking” from 106 to 128, and on XM “Oprah Radio” from 111 to 107
  • The Latin neighborhood moves from en masse: “En Vivo” from 147 to 152, “Cristina Radio” from 146 to 153, “Inspirate” from 145 to 154, “CNN en Español” from 148 to 155, “ESPN Deportes” from 149 to 157, and on XM “MLB en Español” from 175 to 159
  • Clear Channel’s XM Exclusive channels shift into the 240’s: Urban AC WGCI from 163 to 241, Rock “Sixx Sense” from 164 to 242, “Extreme Talk” from 165 to 243, “America’s Talk” from 166 to 244, “Reach MD” from 167 to 245, “Talk Radio” from 168 to 246, and “Fox Sports Radio” from 169 to 247

The new channel additions will be spread out across the remainder of May.

Comedy Central Radio” will debut on Channel 95. “Get an all-access pass to Comedy Central’s massive library, with stand-up series and roasts, plus new performances and much more.”

Entertainment Weekly Radio” gets Channel 105. “Get your daily pop culture fix, including insider scoops, pop culture news, and interviews with Hollywood brightest stars.”

Channel 163 debuts “Chansons“, A French channel featuring “Artists and bands from Canada and beyond – combining new rock sounds with a sprinkling of heritage artists.”

Altitude Franco” is added on Sirius Channel 164. “The best in French Canadian rock, alternative and pop.”

Multicultural Radio” joins Channel 165. “A commercial-free music and information channel that features both Aboriginal and South East Asian programming.”

Franco Country” comes to Channel 166. “The biggest French Canadian folk and country artists and new and emerging talent in the country folk scene.

On Channel 167 is “Canada Talks“. “Current affairs & talk related to all aspects of Canadian life, with a diverse roster of hosts including Carla Collins and Sean Cullen.”

Channel 171 is “CBC Music Sonica” with “Artists and bands from Canada and beyond – combining new rock sounds with a sprinkling of heritage artists.”

XM radios get an exclusive French language channel in “Influence Franco” on 174. “Emerging French Canadian music discoveries.”

The Canadian channels being moved are:

  • Sirius exclusive channel “Iceberg Radio” moves from 151 to 161
  • XM exclusive channel “The Verge” moves from 151 to 173
  • CBC Radio 3” moves from Sirius 152 to 162 on both
  • Laugh Attack” is renamed “Canada Laughs” and moves from XM 160 to 168 on both platforms
  • French News/Talk “CBC Premiere Plus” moves from Sirius 160 to 170 on both platforms
  • News/Talk “AMI Canada 360” moves from XM 155 and Sirius 162 to 172 on both

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