WRCN Launches LI News Radio

LI News Radio LINewsRadio Long Island 103.9 WRCN Riverhead Jay Oliver John Gomez HannityUpdate 12/26: WRCN launched its new “LI News Radio” News/Talk format at 5am today.

The station’s schedule is a mix of local and syndicated product. Jay Oliver and Brandon Weissler will anchor “LI News Live” from 5-9am. Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade will follow from 9am-12pm. Local attorney John Gomez will host a local program from 12-2pm followed by Independence Party of New York Chairman Frank MacKay from 2-3pm. The rest of the lineup includes syndicated hosts Sean Hannity (3-6pm), Mark Levin (6-9pm), Jim Bohannon (10pm-1am), and Jon Grayson (1-5am), a brokered hour from 9-10pm, and New York Islanders hockey.

Original Report 11/15: JVC Broadcasting has pulled the plug on Rock 103.9 WRCN Riverhead, NY.

At 5pm this evening, the station flipped to Christmas Music as “Christmas 103.9“. The Christmas music will remain until after the holidays at which time the station will flip to News/Talk “LI News Radio“.

The new format, which will feature a mix of local and syndicated hosts. Among the names that will be part of the station are Ernie Fasio, Vic Fusco, John Gomez, Kevin Law, Steve Levy, Frank MacKay and Jay Oliver. JVC will operate the new format out of studios they are currently building inside the terminal of the Islip Airport.

JVC President/CEO John Caracciolo sent out the following letter in regards to the format change:

A you know WRCN has a long history and heritage on Long Island, many of us have grown up with the station and it has become an intricate part of our lives. But as our lives change so does our soundtrack. What we listened to growing up is not necessarily what we listen to now and what was important to us as teenagers maybe doesn’t seem so important anymore.

That’s why we made the decision to change WRCN and develop and program a radio station that fits the needs of Long Island.

On December 26th when our holiday soundtrack ends, we will launch a new exciting radio format on the 103.9 frequency.

Over the past few months many of the JVC staff have been out talking to our partners, friends and clients, asking their opinion and their thoughts on what Long Island needed on the radio dial. Where are we lacking? What can we do as your local radio company to make your lives better and more enjoyable and ultimately make Long Island a better place to live, work and play?

We were amazed; we kept getting the same answer over and over. Long Islanders are starving for local news and information. Why should we have to wait 22 minutes to hear about the world when all we really want is Islip to Southampton? What’s the traffic like on the 347 merge or Sunrise Highway in Oakdale? With one local Newspaper and one Cable Channel dedicated to all of the 3.5 million residents of Long Island, what do you do if you don’t subscribe to Cablevision or pay for Newsday?

Newsday and News 12 do a great job and are very much needed on Long Island, but we deserve more. We deserve a 24 hour 7 day a week free source for local news and information. Let’s face it – If News 12 and Newsday don’t cover a local story from your community or report on an event that is important to you – where do you go to get that information? We need a media outlet dedicated to just us, all of us!

On December 26th we will present to you Long Island’s newest radio station, LI News Radio 103.9 FM.

  1. eaogden says

    Sure hope this works. Long Island is big and diverse enough to support its own news/talk outlet. So far all we’ve ever had is from New York City or NPR from Connecticut.

  2. blackhorse says

    Will it get supported? Can they get retail store X to sponsor, will there be enough heads to cover the pertinent events? Will JVC give the place enough time to get some traction? There certainly is enough news on Long Island for this to work, time will tell.

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