Hot 100.5 Norfolk Relaunches

Hot 100.5 WVHT Norfolk Virginia Beach Under Construction 25 HitsAfter spending an hour this morning playing construction sounds, Max Media CHR “Hot 100.5” WVHT Norfolk has relaunched with a more-music presentation.

Hot 100.5 (WVHT) Hampton Roads, first true, CHR Top 40 station is getting a makeover. In an environment cluttered with imitators, your premiere
Top 40 station is about to change the music environment, once again.

“The Hampton Roads radio landscape is fiercely competitive. Hot 100.5 stands out as the only station that plays what our listeners want. Those listeners have asked for even MORE continuous music, and nothing but the hottest hits. So, Hot 100.5 is now Hampton Roads 25 In a Row Hit Music Station. All day, every day, 7 days a week, Hot 100.5 will play 25 songs in a row, without stopping the music. What could be hotter than that?”

The 25 in a row hit music blocks began at 8:45am, Monday January 13th. Hampton Roads listeners can rely on hearing all the hits, like before, just more of them.

In the December PPM WVHT registered a 2.9 share in a crowded CHR market. Hot trailed Entercom Rhythmic CHR “Z104” 104.5 WNVZ’s 4.3 share, but led Clear Channel Mainstream CHR “Now 105.3” WNOH’s 2.0. However over the past three months, WNOH has risen from a 1.3, while WVHT has dropped from a 3.2.

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  1. Jeff Lehmann says

    So they relaunched and went with what’s now the “other” CC CHR logo, how original!

  2. TimmyWA says

    25 songs in a row? Really….

  3. JeremyAndrews says

    Reminds me of Country stations and their “20 In A Row” blocks. That’ll be made up for by long stopsets.

    As for the logo, someone must have borrowed Clear Channel’s logo designer.

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