Disney Sells KPHN Kansas City

Radio Disney 1190 KPHN Kansas City Catholic Radio Network 1090 KEXSRadio Disney has finally found a buyer for the last of the seven stations it put up for sale last June.

1190 KPHN Kansas City goes to the locally based Catholic Radio Network for $700,000. Catholic Radio Network already owns 1090 KEXS Excelsior Springs in the Kansas City market along with seven additional stations in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.

The addition of KPHN will give the group a 24 hour signal in Kansas City. KEXS is licensed to operate with 8kW daytime and 4 kW critical hours, while 1190 gives it a 5kw daytime and 500 watt nighttime operation.

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  1. coughitup says

    Well, is Radio Disney going out of business?

  2. ksradiogeek says

    Great. MORE Godcasters…

  3. Mark says

    I think RD is considering online and Sirius XM more important than AM stations–and I don’t blame them, to be honest with you.

  4. Dr. Akbar says

    Buy high, sell low. Wat wuz dey thinking?

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