Jelli To Shut Down User Controlled Platform

Jelli 98.3 WJLI Paducah Rock 101 Roseburg Social RadioJelli is shutting down its user-controlled social radio platform on Sunday, June 29 at 11:59pm Pacific.

Telling users:

When we first launched Jelli’s social radio service, our vision was to transform how you listened to music on the radio and engaged with your favorite local radio stations. Five years later, after hundreds of thousands of Jelli users took control of broadcasts and picked millions of songs together on stations across the country, we proved that we could change radio and reinvent the experience.

However, in spite of our success, our social radio service didn’t take off nationwide as we had hoped. This has led the team to make the difficult decision to retire social radio and focus completely on a new innovation for the broadcast industry.

This is a bittersweet day for us. We have built so many great memories with you, and retiring our services is really hard. It has been quite a journey over the years with our Jelli users. We thank all of you for making this experience so special. You were super “radio active”.

As we mentioned regarding the change of “Jelli 96.7” KYLI Las Vegas, Jelli has pivoted its business towards its cloud based sales products for radio stations.

The move will have an effect on other stations. Stratemeyer Media’s “Jelli 98.3” Metropolis IL/Paducah KY has rebranded its Classic Rock format as “Rock 98.3“. Brooke Communications CHR “Jelli 101” 100.9 KSKR-FM Roseburg, OR is promoting a “ceremony to say goodbye to a special friend” at 12pm today.

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  1. oasisrulz says

    Will this have an effect on WIP-FM-HD-3, W-MY-SP which is controlled by Jelli??

  2. johndavis says

    I am a big fan of this concept, but the thing that Listerner Driven Radio got right was making this 100% brandable by the station. When you download an app by a station that uses LDR, you download that station’s app, whereas Jelli stations downloaded the Jelli app and then users had to find their station within the app.

    From a station standpoint, you want that fun, interactive component to be part of your own brand as opposed to building someone else’s.

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