Bloomberg Radio To Debut On 960 KNEW San Francisco

Bloomberg Radio San Francisco 960 KNEWUpdate 9/23: Bloomberg Radio has revealed that its programming will debut on iHeartMedia’s 960 KNEW/103.7 KOSF-HD2 on Monday, September 29.

The move coincides with KNEW’s Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck being transferred to Cumulus’ 560 KSFO.

Bloomberg L.P. today announced Bloomberg Radio will debut on iHeartMedia San Francisco’s KNEW 960 AM/KOSF 103.7 FM-HD2 serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Beginning September 29th, Bloomberg Radio KNEW 960 AM/KOSF 103.7 FM-HD2 will be the only global business and financial news radio station available throughout the Bay Area, offering Bloomberg’s signature programming and up-to-date market coverage, in addition to local news, traffic, weather and sports. With its flagship station WBBR 1130 AM in New York and WXKS 1200 AM/94.5 FM-HD2 in Boston, Bloomberg Radio now reaches three of the leading global business and technology markets in the country.

“As part of Bloomberg’s new consumer media strategy, we’re excited about expanding Bloomberg Radio into the San Francisco Bay Area, a vital market for those who create, move global business and shape conversations about the innovations of tomorrow,” said Al Mayers, head of Bloomberg Radio.

iHeartMedia San Francisco Market President Kathryn Wilcox noted, “Teaming up with Bloomberg was a natural fit. It provides high-quality content and aligns nicely with the local business talk on KKSF 910.”

“Advertisers have long recognized Bloomberg Radio for the quality of our audience, our strong relationships with listeners and our ability to serve not only the financial community but also business executives, innovators, and opinion leaders across many sectors,” said Paul Caine, Chief Revenue Officer, Bloomberg Media Group. “With Bloomberg 960AM, now there’s an additional way to reach the most influential people throughout the tech corridor.”

In addition to Bloomberg 960AM in San Francisco, Bloomberg Radio can be heard on WBBR 1130 AM in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas; on Bloomberg 1200 AM in Boston; SiriusXM Channel 113, on and on the Bloomberg Radio+ app for iPhone and Android.

For more information on Bloomberg Radio, which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, please visit

Original Report 7/27: Bloomberg has begun hiring for a soon to launch Business station in San Francisco.

The first job posting for a Sales Manager for its “radio station in San Francisco with a content focus for and from the tech and business community”. San Francisco would become Bloomberg’s third local market joining their owned 1130 WBBR New York and Clear Channel’s 1200 WXKS Boston which the company leases. Bloomberg also programs a channel on SiriusXM.

A new Bloomberg Business formatted station would compete with Salem’s 1220 KDOW, which currently airs Bloomberg produced content overnight.

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  1. Scott Fybush says

    Another Clear Channel partnership, which would presumably put it on 960?

  2. Joseph_Gallant says

    What about KEAR-610??

    With Family Radio founder Harold Camping having died late last year, and the company having begun selling-off stations even before his death, I could see Bloomberg do an LMA for 610 with an eventual purchase.

    (In fact, I can see a Bloomberg purchase of KEAR as a “two-fer”, with Bloomberg also acquiring WKDN-950 Philadelphia)

    Besides, the 610 signal area is probably the fourth-best AM signal in the Bay Area and not only covers San Francisco and Oakland, but also covers Silicon Valley.

    KEAR daytime signal: .

    KEAR nighttime signal: .

    1. Nathan Obral says

      KEAR to Bloomburg? Fuggedaboutit.

      At this point, Family Radio is not in a selling spree. They’ve sold their biggest stations, but also bought back into Philly. Fully expect them to stay put for the foreseeable future.

      And please refrain from posting any links to the very unreliable Kthxbye.

  3. Joseph_Gallant says

    Look for Bloomberg to next get a 24/7 affiliate in Washington, D.C.

    Being the nation’s capitol, Washington (with it’s policy decisions that affect business) would be perfect for Bloomberg’s next purchase or LMA.

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      Yes, it would make a lot of sense–partly because Bloomberg already runs a government-related information service (not surprisingly, called Bloomberg Government, or BGOV). However, it can’t work with iHeartMedia here, as the company unloaded its local AM stations years ago. If Bloomberg won’t (or isn’t able to) work with another company, though, I wouldn’t rule out an online-only version. To take it a step further, how many other markets could support this format while also having an obvious, iHeart-owned station to put it on? (Separately, it looks like there has been a BGOV-branded show on Federal News Radio [WFED], called Capital Impact; however, I can’t confirm right now whether or not it’s still on the air.)

  4. Beachguy says

    I wonder how Brian Sussman is explaining this one. When Rush left, he made this big thing about how they had to drop Rush because the ratings weren’t there. That, of course, was bull.

  5. FightingIrish says

    It seems as if every talk radio network or group foams at the mouth to get on the air in D.C., thinking it will give them more clout. Problem is, unless that station is WTOP, WMAL, sports or public radio, nobody in the market is listening. D.C. is a talk radio black hole, and a station won’t influence anyone if nobody hears it. And stations like WFED succeed because they’ve actually convinced their clients that such is not the case.

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