Beat Launches In Beaumont

103.3 The Beat K277AG Beaumont 24/7 Comedy Clear Channel Breakfast Club The end of the 24/7 Comedy network brings a new format to Clear Channel’s 103.3 K277AG Beaumont, TX/KKMY-HD2 Orange.

K227AG has flipped to Urban as “103.3 The Beat” positioned as “Beaumont’s Hip-Hop & R&B”. The new format positions K227AG to chip away at Cumulus’ market leading Urban “Magic 102.5” KTCX.

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  1. Chip away my butt……80w translator fighting a 100K C1 cochannel down the coast (Liberman’s KJOJ-FM) which tears up K277AG even when looking at the site!!! vs a C1 100KW FM on 102.5..
    Shows how sad CC has stooped to…they have NO idea what they are doing with radio……should just turn the damn thing off

  2. A minor correction, and it’s not meant to take away from your point but KTCX is 50kw, not 100.

  3. Yep….mis-type..
    it was late, I didnt have enough coffee, I ran out of gas, I didnt have change to call, I had a flat tire!! (oh wait those are excuses from Blues Brothers!) LOL

    Still 103.3 barely gets 5 miles down the road (IF the tropo is not killing it) Should have stayed with the new comedy channel as originally announced…

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