X106.7 San Antonio Relaunches As The Eagle

X 106.7 The Eagle X106.7 KTXK San Antonio Classic Rock On the heels of last weeks downgrade of Classic Rock 104.5 KZEP San Antonio to 93.3 K227BH, Cox has relaunched their Classic Rock “X106.7” KTKX Terrell Hills as “106.7 The Eagle“.

The Eagle is promoting that they’re the only Classic Rock station heard throughout the market emphasizing their 100kW signal. Program Director Keith Hastings wrote the following note on the station’s Facebook page to announce the change:

In the past seven days, the landscape of Classic Rock Radio in San Antonio has changed remarkably. We’ve heard from hundreds of people whose daily listening habits have were impacted when KZEP discontinued broadcasting at 104.5. and all but disappeared, relocating to a frequency that can’t be received in many parts of San Antonio.

In the process, a lot of new listeners have joined the already thousands that have enjoyed classic rock here at 106.7 for the last four years . And as you may have heard me say in the last week, we don’t think of classic rock as just a bunch of songs. It’s a way of life.
So, we’ve set about the process of making sure we deliver a true classic rock experience on your radio with all the music that you’re telling us you want. We’ve got a one hundred thousand watt transmitter with a powerful signal—you can hear it without static anywhere in and around San Antonio, and since we’re the now the only classic rock station for all of San Antonio, we’ve decided to re-introduce ourselves!

Welcome to San Antonio’s newest radio station, The New 106-7, The Eagle. San Antonio’s Only Classic Rock!! Take a listen and tell us what you think. Our new website is EagleSanAntonio.com, and I invite you to like our NEW Facebook page. This will be the last post on this old page.

I truly love this music, so I’ll say it again. If you’re like me, classic rock isn’t just a bunch of songs. It’s a way of life. If you love classic rock, you’re gonna love The new 106 7 The Eagle. Let’s rock!

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